One of our spelling words this week was “unfortunate”. When told that he received a 100 on his test, I had a discussion with the 100 maker about the aforementioned spelling word. He said he found it difficult but was glad he had gotten it right. We talked about the difference between fortunate and unfortunate and fortune in general.

This week has definitely been all about fortune for me. Russell, college junior, was home on spring break (fortunate) but then left for a roadtrip to Galveston (unfortunate) and stopped at Rice University (where my sweetie and I met) and was enamored with the school and interested in grad school there (fortunate). He came home safely on Thursday and discovered that the state of Utah had already issued his tax refund of $179 (HUGE fortunate for impoverished college student). Then, it was my turn. I opened my mail and found a REALLY BIG check from my cancer policy (fortunate?) due to my husband’s round of radiation in the fall (unfortunate, but completed with a fortunate outcome). Nell, high school junior, left for the state DECA convention Wednesday (unfortunate since I miss her, but fortunate since I finally get to drive my car instead of letting her take it to school). Thursday, she reported that she and her teammate had come in first place in their role play event on web design (gleefully fortunate). Friday, brought news that they had placed first for the whole web design shootin’ match and that they would be going to nationals in Atlanta (big brain fortunate wee hah).

Winning a financial prize for my husband’s illness has to be one of the weirdest bits of fortune I have ever experienced. Thank goodness for my children. Their good fortune warms my cockles more than any check. I am very fortunate that I can share their triumphs and live a wee bit vicariously through them. I can’t wait to see what’s around the corner for them!

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