Only 12 Chances

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I was watching the Saturday morning news today and a college football coach noted that the players “only have 12 chances” to prove themselves each year.  Admittedly, I am a fair weather football fan and I had no idea how many games a team plays in a season (I actually thought it was ten).  I started to wonder what that would be like to have 12 chances a year to prove your worth.  As a teacher, I try to give my students many chances each day to show their worth.  Unfortunately, there is only one chance for my students to prove themselves and their teachers’ worth as far as the state is concerned.

One. chance. each. year.

The state test is a make it or break it, one shot, all or nothing determination of success.  Teams and coaches have win/loss records,  What would sports be like if every team only played one game a year?  Could a team recover from a loss?  The players would change from year to year.  Does the coach get demoted, fired or promoted based on the results?  How would a loss affect morale for each player and coach?  How would a win affect them?  Does one game prove a team’s abilities?

I wonder if cheating would become rampant?  With so much on the line, would every bat be loaded, every ref paid off and every player “enhanced”?  There would always be suspicion.

We spend so much time, money and attention to student athletics from t-ball to college football and we watch as the players analyze losses, recover from injuries and celebrate victories.  What would it be it like if there was only ONE game, one chance.  Really.  Does that make any sense at all?

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