Close Encounters of the Teacher Kind

As I was driving to school after a bookshelf purchase from Wal-Mart, I received an out of the ordinary phone call.  Pat, from Enid, Oklahoma called.  She wanted to know where I bought colorful plastic shark teeth.  Pat, from Enid, OK is a total stranger and it took me a while to figure out why she wanted to know about colorful plastic shark teeth.

It finally dawned on me that she had seen something I submitted to Mailbox Magazine years ago.  It was a shark classroom decoration that I called Loose Tooth Louie.  Louie had a pocket on the back where I put cardboard “shark teeth” that I made myself.  When a student loses a tooth, they get to pull a tooth out of Louie’s mouth, string it on a piece of yarn and wear it home.  Somehow Mailbox had upgraded my cardboard shark teeth to colorful plastic ones and here was this woman who had googled me and gotten my phone number instead of my e-mail.

I explained the error that Mailbox had made and recalled how the whole happened those many years ago.  She seemed disappointed that I had no genuine colorful plastic shark teeth but thanked me for the information.  Perhaps I could retire and sell things like genuine colorful plastic shark teeth and such.  With the internet the way it is, with a little bit of effort, I might be able to sell out in a matter minutes with only the slightest effort to promote my wares.  Amazing!  I think our degrees of separation seem to be reducing more and more everyday.

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  1. Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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