Miss T.Q.

I’ve just returned from the post office after a delightful chance encounter.  As I came in, I noticed a couple of girls waiting in line with a woman who could be their mother.  One of them appeared to be near the 7-8-9 year old range.  While she hadn’t been one of my students, it was probable that she would recognize me from school and greet me with one of three hellos:

Hello, Ms. Brandon

Hello, Ms. Wrongname

or the always popular – Hey, you go to my school! (I get this more often from boys.  Does that mean the boys see ownership as a part of attendance more than girls?  Hmmm.)

Imagine my surprise when the fabulously brilliant child smiled at me and said:

Hello MIss Technology Queen!

I had to ask her to repeat it.  I really had no idea what she said at first.  Then I had to ask her if I had taught her that (not that I remember doing it, just sounds like something I might do).  She responded that indeed I had.

I truthfully told her that she’s the smartest child I’ve ever met and that with a memory like that, as well as amazing incite, she would go far.

I’m so glad I teach.  I’m also glad that I blog about teaching so that I have this episode to make me smile on the days when I’m not so glad I teach.

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  1. aaah! the things that keep us going though the harder times.

    Thanks for the mention on your blogroll. Lapbooking is a great way to present projects or studies – I love the variety and creativity,

  2. As a fellow kindergarten teacher, your encounter with the smiling child with the brilliant memory made me smile as well. Thanks for sharing.

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