Power Teaching – Day 2 Startin’ Over

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!  I e-mailed the fearless leader of Power Teaching, Dr. Chris Biffle and told him how my day went and was informed that I had made a mess of things (somehow I KNEW that already).  Dr. Biffle informed me that I made

“great effort for the first day … but you made A MAJOR MISTAKE … the plus/minus three rule is that the smilies should never be greater than 3 than the frownies or vice versa.  Also, you don’t mark every single thing … just whenever you want to send them a message … I’ve never heard of “30 more frownies than smilies”!  No!  No!  Five to 10 marks on each side for about half a day is great … you don’t want to over stimulate them with either rewards or penalties … so, now you can say, “Yesterday was an introduction … but now we’re going to play for real … this is Level 1” and then write down Level 1 on the board … only work on one rule for reward/penalty … say, follow directions quickly … so they are only getting points when you’re asking them to line up, get out pencil and paper, hand in papers, etc … and keep the points close … for the whole class to lose a whole recess is UNHEARD OF!  The most anyone loses is one or two minutes … it is not the size of the penalty that changes behavior but the frequency … don’t worry about your disruptive kids (we can deal with them later) … just keep the points close … invent reasons to give a reward if you have to … “oh, that group back there was very fast” … and DON’T GO TO THE INDEPENDENTS YET!!!   Just work on teach/okay, the scoreboard and the rules … you’re going way to fast … but going to “Level 1” tomorrow is a good strategy because then you can erase anything you did first day as “introduction”.”

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