Power Teaching – Day 2 and 3, Glory Be!

So, I took Dr. Biffle’s advice and HOLY MOLE GUACAMOLE! It worked! Tuesday was an awesome day. We focused on ONE RULE: #3 Wait for permission to speak. We made up gestures and practiced and when people broke the rule, instead of going for an instant frownie face, we all chanted and gestured rule #3. WE HAD FIVE FROWNIES AND FIVE SMILIES! EVEN STEVEN! They missed NO recess but still had a goal of getting some extra. At first it looked as though they MIGHT get an extra minute and, to my surprise, they were incredibly impressed (just as Dr. Bissle had foreseen). Unfortunately, that didn’t work our, but we had a goal for the next day.

Teaching using 30 second micro lessons has been different, exhilarating and perfect for end of the day review. We go through a lot material, breaking it down into the most important itty bits for teach/okay. They now understand teach/okay and when I tell them, “You are about to turn your neighbor and tell them . . .” they are LOCKED on me to see exactly what they should teach and to get gesture suggestions. This is FANTASTIC.

I’ve been sharing with other teachers and they’ve been seeing my kids in action and are really interested in trying it too. One teacher came by to ask something and she couldn’t help herself – she just had to see if my class would class/yes to HER – AND THEY DID!

Wednesday, Day 3, went even better and they earned an extra minute of recess! While one of my challenging students was sent home on Day 2, she managed to keep it together today and NO ONE became particularly disruptive. Today we were focusing on rule #1 Pay attention to your work. but we never did get the gestures going and really chant. Oh well, tomorrow. I think I’ll change that rule for next year to make it more “gesture-friendly”. All in all, a fabulous day!

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  1. I just discovered Power teaching this evening and it has changed my life…. I found your BLOG and I am very interested to hear how it goes. I am a 3rd grade teacher… BUT I am on maternity leave right now, so I am without a classroom to try these on! I am going back to work the last 2 weeks of school (which will be in about 2.5 weeks). I will have to have stellar classroom management for a class that I have not taught in 5 months! 🙂 I will keep following your progress! Thanks for sharing!

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