Borrowed Questions

Questions from Amrick’s Articles, via Kirsten’s Korner that seemed like fun:

How would someone find you in a crowd? Easy question. I’ve been embarassing my children for years and calling my second graders in from recess with my absurdly loud whistle. I’ve always said my kids would know where I am in an emergency. Just listen for the whistle. (This skill is totally lost on most Southern women who find it disgusting to put fingers in your mouth and whistle, but there you go — I’m no Southern Belle)

If you had a secret room in your house, what would be in it? Another easy one. Since I was little I used to think about what the perfect house would have: a trampoline room of course! Now though, with age, things have started to fear gravity so I think a big bath with lots of jets, bubbles, big screen TV with TIVO and some way to read a book without getting the book wet would be great.

Where do you like to walk from your house? The big pond, the little pond and garden — with my cats that think they’re dogs.

How will you change as you grow? If I get much fatter, I’ll explode, so I suppose I’d better get thinner. I hope to learn from young people all the time. I will get stronger and stronger glasses so I can keep on reading.

What kid of animal would you like to be? A house cat that lived in a house like mine. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Thanks question people.

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