Too Many Books, Too Little Time

Oh how I wish there was an hour each school day when we could read professional material.  Even an hour each week would be great.  There are so many wonderful books and articles and I fall so far behind each year.  Then I read during the summer and have to wait for school to start again to put anything into practice or at least give it a try.

Add to that the whole issue of sharing with colleagues!  If we could read during the year, we could read together.  As it is now, the best I can do is collaborate with strangers via the internet.

Oh well.  I’m GLAD to be behind!  That way I have so much to look forward to!  Becky suggested some books she has bought on editing and revision that I can’t wait to take a look at.  I hope I can get some more suggestions.

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  1. What books are you reading lately? I’m always looking for something to add to the queue…

  2. Book I JUST borrowed and read: Fletcher and Poraculpi, Writing Workshop the essential guide. I liked its length as much as its content. I’m having trouble spreading the joy about writing with children. So many of the books about workshop are excellent but too long to get read during the school year. I will use this for a workshop I’m doing with middle school teachers later this year. Letting go of the English book and having students “just write” seems daunting to some. I hope to hold hands and jump in and I’d like to offer a quick and dirty guidebook to go along with it. THEN, we can get to all the other good stuff!
    What I want to read: Black Ants and Buddhists by Mary Cowhey; Study Driven: A Framework for Planning Units of Study in the Writing Workshop: Katie Wood Ray; perhaps I’ll borrow — Making Revision Matter by Angellilo or Mechanically Inclined by Jeff Anderson. I am also dying to read some books regarding collaboration and leadership: something by Jennifer Allen perhaps or some of the new books from Stenhouse.

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